3 Online Tools to Help You During Writing Essays

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Writing essays is a common task for students, and in today’s digital age, there are numerous online tools available to assist in the writing process. These tools can be invaluable in enhancing productivity, improving writing skills, and ensuring the overall quality of your essays.

In this article, we will explore three online tools that can provide valuable assistance during essay writing. Whether you are seeking essay writers online cheap or looking for affordable essay help, these tools offer a range of features to support and enhance your writing experience.

  1. Affordable Essay Help Services

While not a specific online tool, there are various platforms that offer cheap essay help services. These platforms connect students with professional writers who can assist in writing essays at an affordable price. Whether you need guidance in structuring your essay, improving your writing style, or seeking assistance with specific subject areas, these services provide expert support. However, it is essential to choose reputable platforms that guarantee originality, confidentiality, and timely delivery.

  • Grammarly

One of the most popular online tools for writing assistance is Grammarly. It is a comprehensive writing assistant that helps improve grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Grammarly functions as an AI-powered grammar Short Essay on Haritha Haram Program in English and plagiarism checker, offering real-time suggestions and corrections as you write. It can be used as a browser extension, a desktop application, or an online editor. Grammarly not only helps in eliminating writing errors but also enhances the clarity and coherence of your essays. Additionally, it provides explanations for grammar rules and offers suggestions to strengthen your writing style.

  • Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a powerful online tool designed to improve the readability and clarity of your essays. It analyzes your writing and highlights complex sentences, excessive adverbs, passive voice usage, and other areas that may hinder readability. By using color-coded highlighting, Hemingway Editor makes it easy to identify areas that require revision and simplification. The tool provides suggestions for rephrasing and restructuring sentences to enhance clarity and conciseness. The Hemingway Editor is a valuable resource for ensuring that your essays are accessible and engaging for your readers.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a versatile online tool that aids in organizing and managing your research materials, notes, and ideas during the essay writing process. It allows you to create digital notebooks where you can store and categorize your research sources, images, web clippings, and personal notes. Evernote’s search functionality makes it easy to locate specific information when needed. You can also synchronize your notes across different devices, enabling seamless access to your research materials from anywhere. Evernote’s organization features help you stay organized, streamline your research process, and ensure that you have all the necessary information readily available while writing your essays.

  • Bonus Tool: Cite This For Me

Referencing and citation formatting are essential aspects of academic writing. Cite This For Me is an online tool that simplifies the process of creating citations and bibliographies. It supports various citation styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Cite This For Me allows you to input the necessary information, such as the author’s name, title, publication details, and it generates the correct citation format for your sources. This tool eliminates the manual effort and potential errors associated with formatting citations, ensuring that your essays meet the required citation guidelines.

  1. Benefits of Online Writing Tools

a. Enhanced Productivity: Online writing tools streamline the writing process, saving you time and effort. They provide instant feedback, suggest improvements, and help you stay focused on the task.

b. Improved Writing Skills: By utilizing online writing tools, you can learn from the suggestions and corrections provided. Over time, this improves your writing skills, grammar proficiency, and overall clarity of expression.

c. Consistency and Accuracy: Online tools ensure that your essays are consistent in terms of grammar, punctuation, and formatting. They minimize errors and help maintain a professional standard throughout your writing.

d. Accessibility and Convenience: Online tools can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to work on your essays anytime and anywhere. This flexibility enables efficient collaboration and research.

e. Cost-Effective Solutions: Many online writing tools offer free versions with basic functionalities. Additionally, affordable essay help services provide professional assistance at a reasonable cost, making them accessible to students with budget constraints.

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is a versatile online tool that offers collaborative writing and editing capabilities. It allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, making it ideal for group essay writing projects. With real-time editing and commenting features, Google Docs facilitates effective communication and collaboration within the group. Additionally, it provides easy access to revision history, allowing you to track changes made by different contributors and restore previous versions if needed. Google Docs is a reliable and user-friendly tool that promotes seamless teamwork and efficient writing processes.

  1. Canva

While not directly an essay writing tool, Canva is a powerful online platform for creating visually appealing graphics and infographics. It can be a valuable asset when you need to incorporate visual elements into your essays, such as diagrams, charts, or illustrations. Canva offers a wide range of templates, images, icons, and design elements that can enhance the visual presentation of your essay. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily customize and design eye-catching visuals that complement and support your written content.

  1. Ref-N-Write

Ref-N-Write is an online academic writing tool specifically designed to assist non-native English speakers in improving their academic writing skills. It provides a comprehensive database of academic phrases and sentence templates, covering various aspects of academic writing, such as introductions, arguments, and conclusions. Ref-N-Write helps users enhance their vocabulary, improve sentence structure, and develop a more academic tone in their essays. By providing examples and suggestions, this tool assists non-native English speakers in expressing their ideas more effectively and confidently.


In conclusion, online tools play a significant role in supporting and enhancing the essay writing process. Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and Evernote provide valuable assistance in improving grammar, readability, and research organization. These tools not only enhance productivity but also contribute to the development of strong writing skills. By utilizing these online tools and services, students can ensure the quality, coherence, and effectiveness of their essays. Embracing these tools empowers students to become confident writers and enables them to produce exceptional essays that meet the academic standards of excellence.