A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Have you heard about vaping? It’s a big revolution for smokers. Vaping is considered a popular way to consume nicotine. It has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional smoking. A vape device comprises different components, including a drip tip, vape tank, coil, etc. Vape tanks are considered the most crucial component of the vaping device that needs to be cleaned regularly. A clean vape tank ensures the optimal performance of your vape kit and a better flavour of e-juice. 

This blog will give you a comprehensive overview of a step-by-step guide on how to clean your vape tank. So let’s explore these steps to keep your vape tank in good condition!

  1. Disassemble The Vape Tank:

Disassembling the tank is the first and foremost step in cleaning your vape tanks. To do this, remove the tank from the device and also remove the drip tip. Remove the top cap and the coil if your tank has a top-fill design. Remove the base and the coil if your tank features a bottom-fill design. Make sure to put all the components in a safe place where you won’t lose them. 

  1. Dispose Of The E-liquid:

The next step is to dispose of the remaining e-liquid in the vape tank. If the e-juice is fresh and you don’t want to waste it, you can pour it into a container and use it later. However, it is recommended to dispose of the e-liquid if it has been in the tank for an extended period. This is because the flavour can be altered and may not provide the best vaping experience. 

  1. Rinse The Vape Tank:

Once you have removed the e-liquid, it is time to rinse the tank. Start by running the warm water through the tank to remove any remaining e-liquid. Make sure to rinse all the components thoroughly, including the drip tip and the base. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any dirt or debris stuck inside the tank. 

  1. Soak The Vape Tank:

It’s time to soak the tank after rinsing. A few drops of dish soap should be added to a bowl of warm water. The vape tank’s parts should be placed in the bowl and given at least 30 minutes to soak. 

Any residual e-juice and grime will be broken down with dish soap. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the water if the tank has a lot of buildups. Any hard water deposits will be removed with the aid of vinegar.

  1. Clean The Vape Tank:

After soaking the tank, it’s time to clean it. Always use the soft-bristled brush to clean the components of the tank thoroughly. Be careful not to scratch the tank’s surface, which can damage the coating. Next, rinse the components with warm water to remove any soap residue. 

  1. Dry The Vape Tank:

After cleaning and rinsing the vape tank, it’s time to dry it. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the components dry. Ensure to dry all the components thoroughly, such as the drip tip and the base. You can also let the components air dry for a few hours to ensure they are completely dry. A wet vape tank will disturb your vape tanks performance and can also give you a bad vaping experience. 

  1. Reassemble The Vape Tank:

The final step is to reassemble the vape tank. Start by reattaching the coil to the base. If your tank has a top-fill design, screw the top cap back on. If your tank has a bottom-fill design, screw the base back on. Make sure all the components are appropriately tightened but do not over-tighten them. Once you have reassembled the tank, fill it with fresh e-liquid and attach it to your vape device. 

Closing Remarks!

Cleaning a vape tank is essential to maintaining a healthy vaping experience and prolonging your vaping kit’s lifespan. In addition, a clean tank ensures the optimal performance of your device and a better flavour of e-liquid. Follow the above-listed steps, and then you are on your way to making your vaping session memorable and enjoyable.