The balance between work and life is achieved when employees take time off from work. Over the past few months, employers in the UAE have been warned against negative job trends such as quiet quitting and great resignation, which are dominating social media feeds. The use of technology in the UAE has resulted in 70 percent of UAE residents struggling with work-life balance.

How many of you look forward to the upcoming public holiday in Dubai? What happens if you have a week off during that time? All private sector employees in the UAE will be treated to an official holiday on January 1, 2023, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

There Is A Lot Of Discussion About Annual Leave These Days:

There is a lot of confusion about the right to paid leave among many people. Employees’ rights are outlined in Articles 74 to 81 of Federal Law 8 of 1980, the country’s labour law.

The Following Information Will Help You Out:

Employees Are Entitled To What Kind Of Leave?

A person’s annual leave is based on their length of service for every year of service. After six months of employment but less than a year, employees are entitled to two days of paid leave per month. The employee is entitled to 30 days off annually if the employment period is longer than one year. In addition to public holidays, weekends that fall within the stated time limit can also be included.

Under UAE Labour Law,

Employees are entitled to nine types of leaves. In addition, annual vacation days and leaves for illness, bereavement, and maternity are included. Employees who request these leaves must be granted by their employers by law. Employees in the government and private sector also get additional days off in addition to these guaranteed leaves. Laws do not mandate these, but entities grant them on their own initiative.

Public Holidays That Fall On Weekends Are Not Required By Law To Give Employees Additional Time Off,

In some companies, it is done, however. “New Year’s Day 2023, for example, was on Sunday. The company gave us a day off on Monday to compensate,” said an anonymous employee of a Dubai-based company. As of January 2022, the UAE will have a three-day weekend. In most private-sector companies, weekends now occur on Saturdays and Sundays, but some added a third day in order to make the week four days long. JRN Consultancy, POP Communications and Active DMC are a few companies that have done this.

Leave Without Pay For Haj:

Companies must give their employees a 30-day leave without pay if they wish to perform Haj. Nevertheless, some companies offer employees paid vacations for once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages. Employees are also given time off to perform Umrah at some companies, though it is not a requirement.

A Super App Based In Dubai,

Careem offers unlimited vacation days to its employees. There is no cap on the number of vacation days employees can take each year, as the name suggests. ‘Entrepreneurship Leave’ for Emirati federal government employees: A year-long entitlement to a tax-free profit-making business venture. When an employee establishes or manages a business, he or she is entitled to time off.

Employees at Dubai-based TishTash Communications have access to “flexible and unrestricted” paid leave to attend medical appointments any time they need it. Egg freezing is also included in this category.

Many companies offer women menstrual leave to help them cope with the extreme pain they experience during the menstrual cycle. During the last year, Aries Group, a multinational based in the UAE, has started offering its employees this option. Several menopause and menstrual leave days are available at TishTash every year.


UAE law provides male employees with five days of paternity leave. New fathers may be offered additional, generous leave by some companies. Fine Hygienic Holding offers paid paternity leave to male employees for three weeks. A week’s worth of unpaid time can be added to their schedule.

During A Public Holiday, Working:

Public holidays in the UAE are paid holidays. An additional 50 percent of your basic salary should be added to your compensation if you must work during your holiday.

Taking Time Off For Illness:

A certain number of paid sick days can be taken per year after you pass probation. There is no restriction on the number of sick days that can be taken throughout the year. The maximum amount of sick leave you can receive is 15 days per year at full pay. You will be paid half during the next 30 days of sick leave. You will not be paid for sick leave taken after 45 days.

Writing A Leave Application With Professional Assistance,

The employee must submit a Leave Application for Office 5 days before taking leave from work. Formally requesting leave from the workplace for a specific period of time is done by writing a leave application. It is the employee’s responsibility to follow the Office rules when applying for a leave of absence. An employee must explain why he or she is taking leave chicago SEO company. Employees must also ensure that it is appropriate at work. It is not acceptable for employees to take leave without submitting a leave application to put others in a difficult position. By reviewing the leave application, the boss is able to understand why the employee is taking leave.

It Is Not Possible To Reject A Valid Leave Request Without Any Explanation,

The specific reason needs to be included if it includes personal reasons such as illness or health problems of the parents. An employee should mention the number of days he or she was absent from work. Make your leave application as short, simple, and understandable as possible. The manager should be notified of any leave request for the office. You can find the entire article on assignment writers forums if you want to learn how to write a leave application for the office. 

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