Comprehensive Guide Understanding Temporary Shortage Visa

The Visa 482, also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, plays a vital role in Australia’s migration program. As a popular pathway for skilled workers to contribute their expertise to the Australian workforce, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of this visa subclass. This article aims to provide an in-depth overview of the Visa 482, including its eligibility requirements, application process, and key features.

  1. What is the Visa 482?

The Visa 482 is a temporary work visa that allows employers in Australia to sponsor skilled workers from overseas to fill specific positions that cannot be filled by the local workforce. This visa subclass replaced the 457 visa in March 2018, and it has become a critical component of the Australian Government’s approach to managing skilled migration.

  1. Key Features of the Visa 482
  • Temporary Residency: The Visa 482 allows skilled workers to live and work in Australia temporarily. It is granted for up to four years, depending on the nominated occupation and other factors.
  • Streamlined TSS Program: The Visa 482 offers several streams tailored to cater to the varying needs of employers and employees. These streams include the Short-Term Stream, Medium-Term Stream, and the Labour Agreement Stream.
  • Work Rights: Holders of the Visa 482 have full work rights in the nominated occupation for the sponsoring employer.
  • Dependents: Visa 482 holders can bring their eligible family members, such as partners and children, to Australia as dependents.
  1. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Visa 482, both the employer and the employee must meet specific requirements.

  • Employer Requirements:
    • The employer must be an approved sponsor or have lodged a sponsorship application.
    • The employer must provide evidence of genuine need for the nominated position.
    • The employer must comply with relevant Australian laws and meet labor market testing requirements.
  • Employee Requirements:
    • The employee must have the necessary skills and qualifications for the nominated occupation.
    • The employee must meet English language proficiency requirements.
    • The employee must obtain a valid nomination from an approved employer.
  1. Application Process

The application process for the Visa 482 involves several stages:

  • Sponsorship Application: The employer must apply for approval as a sponsor or nominate an employee through an existing sponsorship.
  • Nomination Application: Once the employer is an approved sponsor, they nominate an eligible position for the Visa 482.
  • Visa Application: The nominated employee then applies for the Visa 482, providing all necessary documents and meeting the eligibility criteria.


The Visa 482 is an integral part of Australia’s skilled migration program, addressing labor shortages and enabling Australian employers to access international talent. Understanding the visa’s key features, eligibility criteria, and application process is essential for both employers and employees seeking to utilize this pathway. By following the proper procedures and meeting the requirements, skilled workers can contribute their expertise to the Australian economy while gaining valuable work experience in a dynamic and diverse country.