How to Overcome Dissertation Writing Challenges During Christmas?

Dissertation Writing

So, you have reached the end of your PhD road and are about to start working on your dissertation. Well, congratulations. Dissertation writing is full of challenges. The Chrismtas event of 2022 is also on the heads. In this scenario, how can you overcome all the challenges posed by the process of writing a dissertation? You want to enjoy the event and also need to complete it on time. How can you manage all these things?

Apparently, you know nothing about this. This is also the reason why you are here. You are here to learn about the ways to overcome challenges faced while dissertation writing. Well, there is no need to worry. You have just hit the right place. However, to overcome the challenges, it is important that you first know about the challenges. Therefore, we will start our discussion by mentioning the challenges first. So, let’s get started.

Top challenges during the dissertation writing process

The process of writing a dissertation is not straight. It is a curved path that contains many obstacles in its way. It is necessary that you have an idea of all the challenges so that you can overcome them when you start working on your dissertation. Do you know what those challenges are? NO! Thus, a brief description of all the challenges is as follows:

  • Citation and referencing. The first challenge that students face in the dissertation writing process is citing the sources right. They do not know the exact style guidelines. It is a great challenge for students.
  • Research challenges. Conducting effective research is a crucial aspect of writing a dissertation. Students face challenges in this aspect too. They just do not know which are credible websites for research purposes.
  • Time pressure. Another challenge that students face is the time challenge. Every dissertation comes with a deadline, and this deadline gives students nightmares. The challenge of submitting the dissertation on time is great.
  • Financial challenges. Conducting PhD research is not possible without spending a lot of money. The thoughts of how to secure project funding are another challenge for students. Financial issues hold great importance in effective dissertation writing.

Tips to overcome dissertation challenges during Christmas 2022

Christmas is an event when everyone is busy wishing good luck and partying. Concentrating on a dissertation on this event is nearly impossible. Therefore, you may face some challenges. However, there are some tips that you can employ to overcome the challenges. A brief description of all those tips is given as follows:

1.     Start as early as possible

Most dissertation challenges come when you start late. When you begin working late, you lose time to meet the dissertation deadline. In this scenario, time challenges start appearing. To overcome the time challenges, begin writing the dissertation as soon as possible. If possible, finish the introduction chapter and literature review chapters of your dissertation before Christmas night. It will allow enjoying the night fully.

2.     Use authentic journals for research

Many students complain about facing research challenges when they commence dissertation writing. They say that they cannot find the right information related to their topic. If you are one of those students, then note down this tip. Whenever you perform research, make sure that you visit the websites of the top journals in your field. Do not wander on irrelevant websites. Some top websites or databases to visit are ResearchGate, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar.

3.     Create a writing plan first

When it comes to writing a dissertation during Christmas, the writing plan holds the top position. It is because you have to visit your family members and side by side work on your dissertation. This is not possible until you create a plan for writing your dissertation. The plan must outline all the activities that you are going to perform in one day. Make sure that you spare at least 2 hours of dissertation writing from your whole day. It is the minimum time.

4.     Arrange a meeting with your supervisor

The supervisor is your guiding star. You must keep in touch with him when you are working on a dissertation. Communicate the progress on your dissertation work and ask him to devise a plan for the Christmas event. He may give you leaves to enjoy Christmas or send you a detailed plan to follow. By following that plan, you won’t miss the deadline and can enjoy Christmas too. Thus, meet with your supervisor and take his guidance.

5.     Take help from a friend

Another top tip to overcome dissertation challenges is that you should ask for help from your friend. Ask him to work on some parts of your dissertation. For example, ask him to conduct the research and collect the most relevant information. You should take that information and write the dissertation. In this way, you can manage your dissertation writing task well and also can complete it on time.

6.     Seek help from professionals

The 6th tip and last tip to overcome dissertation challenges is to seek help from professionals. It means outsourcing your dissertation task to the writers of one of the top British dissertation writing services. When you do this, the writers of such services work on your dissertation. You should not worry about the dissertation anymore. However, finding the best professionals is also a challenge for you. The tips for finding the best service are as follows:

  • Research all the best services available on the internet and make a list of the top five
  • Read the reviews and feedback of previous students about the services
  • Check the guarantees of the services
  • Make the final selection and stick to it

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the road to writing a perfect dissertation is full of thorns and challenges. The Christmas event is also important for you. In this scenario, knowing how to overcome dissertation writing challenges is imperative. In this guidepost, we have discussed the challenges and tips to overcome them. Hence, go through each line given above and work on your dissertation accordingly. The tips given above are the keys to your success.