Forklift Rules and Regulations in Houston Texas:

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Forklifts are designed to make loading and unloading jobs faster and safer. Even so, it is essential to have trained operators for the operation of forklifts, in addition to following safety regulations to prevent any type of accident. At CARGOTECNIA we present 11 basic safety standards for forklift operations:

  1. The forklift operator must be trained and licensed to operate the equipment.
  2. During his training, the operator must know which is his travel route with the forklift, as well as the loading and unloading areas.
  3. Uniform and safety equipment must be worn, which essentially includes a helmet, vest and boots.
  4. The operator should routinely check the equipment before getting on, such as the brakes, steering wheel, controls, warning devices, mast, and tires.
  5. The forklift should not be started until the operator is properly seated with their seat belt and all parts of their body within the confines of the operator’s cab or forklift.
  6. Make sure you have clear visibility, it is important to see the rack clearly when positioning the load.
  7. Forklifts are designed to hold only one person, so exceeding their capacity should be avoided.
  8. Do not carry more weight than indicated in its technical sheet, the more loaded the equipment is, the driver and the load are put at risk.
  9. Verify that the load is stable and secure by checking loads carefully before moving them, and never lift or move loads that are not secure or stable.
  10. No one shall stand or walk under a load or forklift machinery.
  11. When not in use, the machine should be properly shut off, the parking brake set, and the blades fully lowered. Click here for a forklift rental in Houston Texas

Properly following these tips and other safety measures established by your company, you will obtain the optimum performance of the forklift, reducing the risk of accidents in your operation.