GBWhatsApp APK Download (Updated) Anti-Ban 

GBWhatsApp APK

Looking for a version of WhatsApp with more customization options and features? The best WhatsApp mod is WhatsApp GB, so look no further. You may take use of all the features you love about WhatsApp as well as a ton of intriguing new ones with GBWhatsApp.

The modified version of the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, offers end-to-end encrypted calling and messaging capabilities, ensuring the privacy and security of your communications. No matter where they are in the world, you can effortlessly communicate with your friends, family, and coworkers and even make audio or video calls to them. Additionally, GBWhatsApp enables you to establish groups where you can communicate with all of your friends or family members and share videos, conversations, and photographs, making it simple to remain in touch.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp offers many useful functions, there are still a number of other features that users may find lacking. The solution is GBWhatsApp. Users can take advantage of a variety of capabilities in GBWhatsApp that are not present in the official WhatsApp client. For instance, GBWhatsApp offers a ton of extra themes that users can select from to personalize their messaging experience, whereas WhatsApp only offers two themes—dark and light. Additionally, GBWhatsApp has a call control function that lets users manage who can call them; this feature is absent from the official WhatsApp client.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp 2023 is a modified version of WhatsApp, also known as a WhatsApp MOD APK. This version of WhatsApp comes packed with amazing features that aren’t available in the official app. For example, GBWhatsApp includes an anti-delete messages feature that prevents others from deleting messages that they have sent to you. It also hides second tick and blue tick, freezes last seen, and offers 4000+ themes to choose from and auto-reply, etc. Besides, GBWhatsApp is its ability to fully customize the app, from the home screen header to anyone’s chat bubble shape. Users can even apply any pre-made theme from a collection of thousands. so GB WhatsApp 2023 is an excellent choice for those looking for a more customizable and feature-rich version of WhatsApp.

What’s New in GBWhatsApp Latest Update

GBWhatsApp Latest Update is full of amazing features. You can enjoy them freely. Here is the list of all the features:

Airplane Mode
Message Scheduler
Auto Reply
Hide Chats
Export Chats
Voice Changer
Online Privacy Features
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Typing & Recording Status
Hide Second Tick & Blue Tick
Control Who Can Call You
Disable Forwarded Status on Messages
Show Blue Ticks After Reply
Hide Status Seen Status
Anti-Delete Status & Messages
Set Custom Password for Each Contact
Huge Collection of Stickers & Wallpapers
4000+ Themes
Hide Media from Gallery
Fully Customizable Interface
50+ Font Styles
Customize Launcher & Notification Icon

Best GBWhatsApp APK Features

Airplane Mode
WhatsApp messages can be annoying sometimes, especially when you are playing games or watching movies. You can’t turn off the internet connection to get rid of them. In this case, you can turn on airplane mode. Yes, yes! Airplane mode, but not of the mobile, but the GBWhatsApp’s. It has its own airplane mode. When you turn it on, you will not receive any messages from you. You will be offline. And you can enjoy your favorite games & movies without any interruptions.

Message Scheduler
If you are busy with work, games, or watching movies and you need to message someone at a specific time, you can use this feature. In the message scheduler, you can select contacts, set a specific date & time and enter the message you want to send to that contact user. Then it will automatically send that message to that user when it meets the entered date & time. You don’t need to do anything.

Auto Reply
Another fantastic feature for those with busy schedules or for those who don’t want to make their special someone wait until they reply. When a user messages you, the auto-reply feature will immediately respond. You can specify the message you wish to send, the time (in seconds) after which it will be sent, the time at which the auto-respond will go into effect, and the circumstances under which it will react. You can configure it to function for contacts, groups, or both, for all communications or only when a specific message arrives. Additionally, you can remove people and groups from the auto-reply list.

Hide Contacts, Chats & Group Chats
The initial tick on a message in WhatsApp indicates that it has been sent from your end but has not yet reached your friend. The second tick indicates that your friend has received the message. Additionally, a blue tick indicates that your friend has read the message. In this MOD, you can hide the second and blue tick. Your buddies therefore believe you are not online. You don’t have to tell them you’re reading the texts. Any contact or group that you choose can have this functionality set. It is totally adaptable.

Freeze Last Seen
When you turn this option on, it freezes your last seen. No one will be able to see you online even if you stay online at that time. They will only see the time when you activated this option. For instance, if you turn on the “freeze last seen” at 10:23 AM. Then whenever someone tries to see your status, he/she will see the “last seen at 10:23 AM”. You can freely use chat with others or stay online without anyone letting know.

Show Blue Tick After Reply
Hiding the second & blue tick is a good feature for tricking your friends. They will think that you are offline after sending you a message. But if you reply to them while there’s a single tick in their chat, they will know you are using some kind of mod. To solve this problem, it comes with the “Show Blue Tick After Reply” feature. As soon as you reply to your friend, the single tick will turn into a double-blue tick. It means the messages will be marked as seen messages in your friend’s chat

Anti-Delete Messages & Status
Your girlfriend or ex sent you a message and then deleted it? Lol! Want to read it? GBWhatsApp comes with an anti-delete message & status feature. When someone sends you a message and then deletes it for everyone, it won’t delete from your chat. The same goes for statuses. You can read the messages & watch statuses. They won’t know about it until you tell them yourself.

Set Custom Password for Each Contact
It offers you all the capabilities necessary to keep your communications and privacy safe from prying eyes. You can lock GBWhatsApp using a password. However, there is a potential that you will need to disclose the password for some reason. You can also lock the chats with a password to stop someone from accessing them without your permission. Each chat can have a separate password. No matter how many passwords someone knows, he cannot access other chats.

Final Words

The best-modified version of WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp Apk Download . Because of its features, it is very well liked by people. They can hide their online status, second & blue ticks of messages, and download statuses, as well as view the messages that the sender has erased. You may give it a different look every day thanks to the adjustable UI and 4000+ themes. The chats of each contact are secured with a unique password. It’s a fantastic WhatsApp MOD, isn’t it? Post your opinions and ideas on it in the comments for us to read. We appreciate your visit and hope you return soon!