How Breather Bags Contribute to Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Breather bags are translucent bags manufactured using polyester/polyethylene films. To allow EO (ethylene oxide gas) to reach the packaged medical devices and sterilize them, they feature a paper ribbon insert made specifically for medical use that is sewn into the bag. The length of the pouch is sealed without a lap so that a gap of about 4-8mm can be kept in the ribbon for simple gas penetration. These pouches have an opening designed to be torn apart on one side. Packaging medical equipment in breather bags is a common and inexpensive option.

Some of the Most Important Characteristics of Breather Bags are:

  • Owing to their high porosity, Breather Bags speed up the sterilizing process.
  • High Exposure to Merchandise in Packaging
  • Printable in any number of colors
  • Breather Bags come in a variety of sizes, and the ribbon insertion width can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Pouch film thickness is adjustable between 35 and 62 microns.
  • Appropriate for the Packing of Medical and Surgical Components

How Do They Promote Eco-Friendly Packaging?

  • The material and the bag work together to provide a superior, more durable, and tidier package.
  • Deliver a better service to the user while also minimizing negative effects on the natural world.
  • Reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and trash due to its puncture resistance, exceptional durability, and suitability for autoclave steam treatment.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility can attract eco-conscious consumers, build customer loyalty, and differentiate a brand from competitors. 
  • Breather bags are highly versatile and their durability allows for extended lifespan.

Medications, surgical packs, and various pieces of medical equipment are just some of the things that can be stored in a Breather Bag. Our Steril Medipac breather bags are an excellent choice for usage in medical facilities because they are fiber-free, long-lasting, and resistant to tearing. 

Sterile Medipac specializes in a wide variety of brown paper bags. Sterilization reels are a special type of medical packaging that can be used before, during, and after the sterilization process to keep medical devices free of germs and other contaminants.

Steril Medipac only offers the most secure, long-lasting, and reliable breather bags to hospitals and labs. We understand the importance of carefully packaging and presenting your medical supplies and equipment.