How Will Be Sawan 2023 for All Zodiac Signs


Sawan refers to Shravan Month, which holds much religious and cultural significance in the Hindu calendar. It typically falls during July and August, when the monsoon season begins in many parts of India. People hold this month Sacred, particularly for worshiping Lord Shiva, when many offer special prayers to him and observe Vrats on Mondays, considered holy for Shiva worship. In the current year, 2023, Sawan extends from July 4 to August 31. Get free daily horoscope from astroved
Here, let us briefly understand what Sawan 2023 holds for each of the 12 zodiac signs; that is, how this Sawan is likely to fare for those born in these 12 signs.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by the fiery planet Mars. The Aries natives could be fast, energetic, confident, aggressive, and ready to accept challenges and take risks. However, in the process, these people might also be impatient, intolerant, short-tempered, and jealous and may not heed any advice.
Sawan 2023 could throw some challenges concerning relationships and communication to the Aries-born. Expressing themselves clearly and courteously could help them avoid conflicts during this period and help them with smooth sailing.
Planet Venus that signifies beauty and love, rules Taurus. That makes the natives patient, stable, faithful, generous, artistic, imaginative, and to some extent, easy-going. However, they can also be slow, stubborn, possessive, lazy, and even greedy.
The Taurus could find financial stability during Sawan 2023 and also get opportunities to advance in their careers. Overall, this period looks tailor-made for the Taurus to focus entirely on their goals and achieve growth and progress.
Ruled by the planet of intellect Mercury, the Gemini natives could be intelligent, have powerful verbal communication, sound knowledge, a good sense of humor, multiple skills, and artistic instincts. But on the other hand, they can also be capricious, confused, restless, talkative, and selfish.
This Sawan could present them with opportunities for reflection and introspection. This period looks ideal for their self-evaluation, especially of their relationships on both personal and professional fronts, and to do a course correction for better rapport.
The Moon signifies the mind and emotions, so it is little surprise that the Moon-ruled Cancer natives are inherently kind, loveable, emotional people. They can be soft, tolerant, forgiving, and family-oriented but could also be temperamental, over-sensitive, and self-pitying.
This Sawan of July-August 2023 can gift them emotional stability and domestic harmony, so it appears the right time to focus on family and nurture relationships for fulfilling bonds.
Ruled by the mighty Sun, the king of planets, the Leos remain the personification of royalty, authoritative, influential, noble, broadminded, and generous. However, on the flip side, they might be arrogant, intolerant, and lavish, too.
We foresee new opportunities and success in career and related matters for the Leo natives this Sawan. The period also looks opportune for them to showcase their skills, accept leadership roles and prove their worth.
The planet of intellect, Mercury, may give its ‘subjects,’ the Virgos, good analytical abilities, articulation, memory, multiple skills, business acumen, and diplomacy; however, they can also be highly selfish.
But Sawan 2023 appears to be a time for much caution, when the Virgos may have to be careful about their health and well-being, maintain balance in whatever they do, and attend to any fitness concerns immediately.
Governed by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, the Librans could be loveable characters, gentle, just, reasonable, artistic, and peace-loving. But they can also be idealistic, indecisive, and get easily influenced.
We foresee positive changes for them in personal relationships and partnerships this Sawan when their efforts to resolve conflicts and strengthen bonds could bear fruit.
The warrior-planet Mars rules Scorpio and gives the natives aggressive instincts, leadership qualities, materialistic drive, and an occult leaning. However, the Scorpio-born could be suspicious, vengeful, jealous, and secretive.
This Sawan promises to be a favorable time for them to focus on their professional goals, when they may have opportunities for career growth and enjoy financial stability.
Planet Jupiter signifies learning, spirituality, and moral values, and its rule might give Sagittarians a nobility of character, a sense of freedom, honesty, kindness, and spiritual, philosophical inclination. But they can also be tactless and careless.
Sawan 2023 could accentuate their positive aspects, leading them towards self-discovery and spiritual advancement, when they may explore their inner selves and involve in activities that give them contentment and peace.
Governed by Saturn, the planet of occupation, the Capricorn natives remain hard-working, talented, ambitious, loyal, responsible, and professional, though they might also be dominating and untrusting.
This Sawan looks suitable for collaborating with others and building durable connections when it can bring about beneficial changes in all Capricorn relationships.
The natives of Aquarius, another Saturn-ruled sign, will likely be calm, constructive, and innovative, have a scientific temper, and fight for just causes. However, they could also be slow and eccentric.
Sawan 2023 could be when the Aquarians might have better creativity and get opportunities to give meaningful expressions to it. The time looks favorable for them to go on a self-discovery and identify unique talents and also for their artistic pursuits.
Ruled by the auspicious Jupiter, the Pisces natives can be honest, soft, flexible, and philosophical and love nature and privacy. But they might also be timid, uncomfortable with authority and conflicts, and be lazy.
This Sawan can mark a new beginning for the Pisces-born when they might be able to shed their past burdens and hurts, which can provide them with much-needed emotional healing and bestow clarity.