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Maa Ambulance was established by Mr. Mahesh Yadav in 2005. furnishing all types of ambulances like ICU ambulances ventilator ambulances, Dead body ambulances, and Cuffin box ambulances at a veritably resonable cost. So call us if you’re searching for By road and by air ambulance service from Delhi to Mumbai, Chennai, Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam. We’re available 24X7 for our cases.


An ICU ambulance service is a technical ambulance service that’s equipped to give ferocious care and critical medical support to cases who bear advanced life support during transport to a sanitarium or medical installation. ICU ambulances are designed to transport critically ill cases who bear technical medical outfit, monitoring, and care. ICU ambulances are generally staffed by a platoon of largely trained healthcare professionals, including critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics who are trained in advanced life support ways. The ambulance is equipped with advanced medical outfits similar to ventilators, cardiac observers, defibrillators, and other technical outfits to support critically ill cases.

ICU ambulance services are used to transport cases that bear advanced medical care and support, including those with serious cardiac conditions, severe respiratory torture, neurological extremities, and other critical ails or injuries. They can also be used for inter-facility transport of critically ill cases from one medical installation to another for technical care. ICU ambulance services are an essential element of the healthcare system and play a vital part in the treatment and operation of critically ill cases. They help ensure that cases admit the necessary care and support during transportation and can significantly ameliorate patient issues by reducing the time to admit technical medical care.


An ambulance service is a type of exigency medical service( EMS) that provides transportation and medical care to cases who are ill or injured and bear critical medical attention. The primary function of an ambulance service is to respond to medical extremities and transport cases to hospitals or other medical installations for further treatment. Ambulance services are generally operated by original governments, private companies, or non-profit associations. They’re staffed by trained medical professionals, including exigency medical technicians( EMTs), paramedics, and other healthcare professionals who are equipped to manage a range of medical extremities. ice box service delhi

A cardiac ambulance service is a technical type of ambulance service that’s equipped to give a rapid-fire response and advanced medical care to cases with cardiac extremities. The ambulance is staffed by a platoon of largely trained healthcare professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and other exigencies medical labor force who are trained in advanced cardiac life support ways.
Cardiac ambulance services are equipped with technical medical outfits, including defibrillators, cardiac observers, and other advanced life support outfits that are specifically designed to manage cardiac extremities. The ambulance is also grazed with a range of specifics and interventions that are used to manage and stabilize cases with cardiac conditions.


A dead body freezer box service is a technical service that provides a refrigerated vessel or freezer box for the storehouse and transportation of departed bodies. The freezer box is designed to save the body by keeping it at a low temperature and precluding the corruption process from being. Dead body freezer box services are generally used by burial homes, hospitals, and other associations that deal with departed bodies. The service provides a secure and aseptic terrain for the storehouse and transportation of the body, while also icing that the body remains complete and suitable for viewing or other plaintive arrangements.


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