Instander APk Download Latest Version 2023

Instander Apk is one of the most improved and upgraded versions of Instagram which helps you to get benefits with its amazing features. It allows its users to save shared videos, reels, stories, gifts, and short clips published by people. It provides us with many more useful and exceptional features which let us have more fun. Using this app users have a possible approach to plenty of features and services. Instagram is one of the biggest platforms all over the world. It is used by billions of people accordingly their interest and uncountable posts are being posted daily.

What is an Instander APK?

Instagram APK is an advanced version of the Instagram app which provides some extra features to its users. This app contains no ads and zero restrictions in any terms so the users really find this app quite better than the Instagram APK. It allows you to download videos and photos that Instagram doesn’t allow you to do.

You can win a creator’s verified badge too in this app which will be visible to other Instander users. There is nothing paid in this app which is the biggest reason why more and more people are downloading it every day. This is not just it, it has a large list of features that need your attention so let’s check them out.

What is Instagram Mod APK?

Instagram Mod APK is the original hacked version of Instagram which offers almost the same features as the Instander APK. But there is a big difference between the performance of both of these apps. The users have found Instander APK much better than Instagram Mod APK.

Instagram Mod offers its users the opportunity to download media files, stay anonymous and view stories, plus do a number of things. However, it has failed to surpass the popularity and the best quality performance offered by Instander APK.

Is Instander Better than Instagram?

In terms of some features and tools, instander apk download is considered a little better than Instagram. However, the Instagram official app is the original one while the Instander is a modded version. That’s why modded apps have more chances of getting banned after a few days of using them. Therefore one can decide which app is better than the other one keeping in mind this thing.

What is the Use of the Instander App?

The use of the Instander App is to download the videos and photos of creators, become a creator and earn money, plus save the stories in the archive and use a ghost mode. It is an alternative version of Instagram that is loved by people.

Is there any Modded Instagram?

Yes, Instander APK is a modded Instagram that people download to unlock all the extra features which they cannot access in the Instagram app. This is the main reason why they depend on a modded Instagram app known as Instander APK.

Features of Instander APK

Follow Celebrities and Influencers

You can follow all the famous celebrities and influencers’ profiles on this app. All of the people who are present and share their content every day are followable. So whenever you see such profiles and want to connect with them, you can click on the follow button given on their profile and I will start following them. In this way, you will start receiving all of their new content updates in your personal feed such as their videos, photos, and new stories.

Become a Creator

You yourself can also become a creator of this app which is the best thing about it. You can be an influencer, a blogger, or a creator whatever you like by following the platform guidelines and rules. You can also earn money in this way by getting sponsored deals since all the creators with high following get this opportunity to earn money by creating content.

Get Verified Badge

On Instander it is quite easy to get a verified profile badge. For this purpose, you don’t have to wait until you get a certain number of followers, but you can donate something to the developer of this app as a token of appreciation. In return, the developer will give you the verification badge on your profile through which you will be able to flaunt your verified identity on the instander apk.

Ghost Mode

There is a ghost mode in this app that allows you to view people’s profiles and their stories anonymously. It is quite a struggle to keep yourself from seeing the stories of the people you don’t want them to. For this purpose what you can do is turn on the ghost mode and go easy. You can further see anyone’s stories without getting caught at any cost. It is absolutely the best feature of the Instander app which is why people like this platform.

Download Photos and Videos

It was always a desire to download the videos and photos present on Instagram. You can enjoy this perk now by using the Instander app. Whoever you follow, you just have to open their profile, the post you want to download, and thus click the download on it. In this way, you can easily save their videos and photo content without facing any problems.

Make Close Friends

You can also create a list of close friends on this platform in case you want to share your stories with only a specific number of people rather than everyone. With this feature you can save up your close friends list and furthermore whenever you post a story, only those close friends can see it while the other followers won’t find it.

Enable or Disable Message Replies

You can enable or disable the message replies on your stories at your convenience. If you do not want to get annoying replies from fans and followers, then you can disable the message replies. You can stay sane by doing this so nobody could disturb you.

Save Stories in Archive

You can put your stories in the archive folder so you can keep them saved forever. In case you don’t want to lose your stories or don’t have the space, then this feature will help you out a lot.

Share Posts and Stories

You can share the posts and stories of other creators of regular profiles. You can share their posts or stories right on your story and also tag them into it if you wish.

Search Button

This app has a search button that is of course diversified and users are able to find new people using this search button. You can type the name of any celebrity, creator, or your friend who might be a part of Instander. In this way, you can find more people and become friends with them.

No Advertisements

There are no ads at all at Instander. It is so annoying to see ads that come in the form of popups or videos. Both of them are equally annoying so you can get rid of them all at Instander and have a smooth Instagram surfing experience.

Free Downloading

This app allows you free download itself and the posts you want to save up. You won’t have to pay any charges or buy any subscriptions to get this feature. Whatever you do in this app is absolutely free of cost for everyone.


Instander APK is a nice app for anyone who likes Instagram and wants to get more out of this app. It allows you to use so many features at a time for free that you will forget Instagram for a while. For this purpose, you can download this Instander App now from our website. The download link is given right here on this page which is easily accessible. You can click on the link to download this app now in a few seconds. You can also share your feedback about instander apk download latest version in the comment section present on this page.


Q. How much MB is Instander APK?

instander mod apk download is 40 MBs in size which is quite reasonable and is workable on any Android version.

Q. Is Instander a mod version of Instagram?

Yes, Instander is a mod version of Instagram as it contains all the cheat and hacked features of Instagram.