Kids Train Set: Our Top Picks For Hours Of Fun And Learning

Train toys for kids are a fun and exciting way to express their creativity while also learning about the power of engineering! These toys will keep you entertained, learning, and playing for hours.

Let’s look at some of the most popular kids train sets so you can select the right one for your little engineer! With so many possibilities for getting kids interested in trains, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite recommendations for hours of fun and learning with kid train sets!

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Railway System

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Trackmaster has been around for a long time and will please your young railway fan! This set contains a variety of famous figures from the popular Thomas the Tank Engine universe, as well as track components to enable your child’s creativity to build any shape they choose. With over 35 track pieces and motorised trains, this set offers a variety of alternatives for hours of fun and learning.

Bigjigs Rail Wooden Train Set

Bigjigs Rail Wooden Train Sets help to spark imaginative play with brightly coloured pieces that are big and easy for little hands to manipulate. The setups also offer an option for children sensitive to loud noises – these wooden train sets make a quiet “tock” sound! Offering different-sized track pieces, bridges, stations, trains and destinations, play possibilities are endless for your child.

KidKraft Super Highway Train Set

The KidKraft Super Highway toy Trains and Table is a modernistic train set that can provide hours upon hours of fun. With tabletops and trains alike boasting an eye-catching rainbow design, this set is perfect for little ones who love to use their imaginations. Plus, the foldable top makes it easy to store when playtime is over!

Learning Resources Smart Tech Sound Activated Construction Train Set

Try the Learning Resources Smart Tech Sound Activated Construction Train Set for a more educational take on traditional trains. This train set for kids comes with thirteen pieces for building and has a unique sound-activated technology that brings the engine to life each time you make noise around it! With fun colours and endless ways to play, this is perfect for any budding toddler engineer.

What are the advantages of a train set?

Utilising the above-mentioned entertaining activities with a children’s train set may help youngsters develop their play, social interactions, turn-taking, attention and listening, and language knowledge and usage. These are some of the abilities required for occasional care, kindergarten, and school.

How long do children play with play sets?

Hence, if you have children ranging in age from a few months to their teen years, as long as they are within the weight capacity (usually 250 lbs), quality outdoor playsets may give your children a healthy outlet for all that pent-up energy, not to mention hours of pure fun! 

Toy trains are crucial for your child to play with since they may help them develop abilities like hand-eye coordination, creativity, and problem-solving, as well as being proven to increase their general mood.

How can I engage my child in train?

5 methods to keep your youngster entertained on a train ride

  • Be patient and go for a stroll with your child.
  • Take them for a stroll on the train.
  • Employ play-doh to keep kids occupied.
  • Make a town and a tale out of it.
  • Assist your child in creating a book.
  • Let your youngster have fun.


Children love to train toys because they move and make strange noises. However, more importantly, they move in three dimensions and can be touched with your hands if they’re toys or ridden in if they’re genuine.” What about the train experience I mentioned earlier? It is a significant component of the appeal for children.