A Mermaid Dress and What Shoes to Wear

Mermaid Wedding Dresses


Mermaid dresses are here to stay. And if you’re not quite sure what that means, let me explain: Mermaid wedding dresses are fitted at the waist but flare out at mid-thigh or shorter. They can also have sleeves or be sleeveless, and they usually reach down just below the knee (though there are exceptions). The most flattering style is one that complements your body type and balances out your figure by rushing around the hips or waistline. Here are a few tips for choosing shoes that will complement your mermaid dress:

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

When it comes to accessorizing a mermaid wedding dress, you need to be careful. This silhouette is so flattering that you will want to wear it again and again after your big day. However, if you pair the wrong accessories with this style, it can look matronly or dated on future occasions.

A lot of brides opt for basic pumps or kitten heels when they wear their mermaid silhouettes. This is because these styles complement the formality of most wedding dresses while still allowing you to stand out from the crowd (and not just because they’re knee-length).

Because it’s so form-fitting, you need to take extra care with styling the shoes. You don’t want your ensemble to look like a hot mess. If you wear sneakers or flats that don’t complement the dress, then it can make your outfit look sloppy. Instead of going for something too busy or too flashy (like animal print heels), you should opt for simple but stylish shoes that will add elegance and femininity to your overall look.

If you want to go all out with accessories, go ahead! But remember: less is more when it comes to accessories when wearing a mermaid dress because they are already very eye-catching and glamorous on their own without help from other items in your closet such as hats or necklaces.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Pair Mermaid Silhouettes with Basic Pumps

Most commonly, brides pair mermaid silhouettes with basic pumps. These are classic choices for brides. They’re easy to walk in and are comfortable and versatile. They can be worn with a variety of different dresses, whether the bride is looking for something simple or dressier. Pumps are also a great option if you don’t want to wear heels, but still want to look elegant on your wedding day!

If You’re Wearing Statement Shoes, Keep Your Jewelry Simple

Statement shoes are a great way to make a statement, but they can also be distracting if you don’t have the right accessories. If you’re wearing statement shoes, keep your jewelry simple. A simple necklace or bracelet with some sparkle is all you need. If you want to wear earrings, keep them small or dangly so they don’t compete with the shoe itself.

For example, if you’re wearing a pair of bright red heels with a simple black dress, try a pair of small hoops in white gold or silver. If you have long hair, pull it back into a low ponytail and leave some pieces loose around your face.

Opt for a Simple Shoe

But if you have an intricate dress look or complex accessories, opt for a simple shoe. A shoe that is too busy may detract from the overall look of your outfit rather than complement it.

A simple shoe can be just as much of a statement piece as its elaborate counterpart. You can also wear them with other outfits to create contrast and add interest to your look.

That said, This is Your Day to Shine

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a way to add some sparkle to your look. We’ve picked out some of the best mermaid-inspired shoes from our favorite brands, including Christian Louboutin, Valentino, and Nicholas Kirkwood.

That said, this is your day to shine so if you have a favorite pair of quirky Manolos or vintage heels that you love, go ahead and rock them!

What shoes to wear?

  • Also, note that you don’t have to wear white or ivory shoes on your wedding day They can be any color!

Which color is best for you?

  • Your best bet is to choose a shoe in a neutral tone, like black, tan, or grey. These are the most versatile colors and will work with almost anything else in your outfit. You can even wear nude if it’s not too light (the lightest shades of nude look great with a simple ivory dress).

Which style is best for you?

If you want something more dramatic than those simple flats or sandals (and who doesn’t?), then heels are the way to go! But beware: high heels can be tricky when walking down an aisle because they take some getting used to; try practicing walking around in them beforehand so that you’re comfortable on your big day.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid Dresses Look Chic and Fabulous on the Right Body Type

Mermaid dresses look chic and fabulous on the right body type. Mermaid dresses can be flattering or unflattering, depending on your body shape. If you have a curvy figure, mermaid gowns are a great choice for you because they hug your curves in all the right places. For women who are short and petite, mermaid dresses are also flattering because they lengthen your legs by adding more fabric to the bottom half of your dress.

If you have an apple-shaped figure (with a larger belly), it may not be wise to wear this style of dress because it will emphasize your large stomach area even more than usual. Also keep in mind that if you’re very tall with long legs, these types of garments will make them appear even longer than usual but if that’s what works best for you then go for it!


Remember, a mermaid silhouette is a great option for brides who want to feel confident and comfortable in their dress, but it can be challenging to accessorize. There are many ways of styling this style, so it’s all about finding what works best for you!