Name that “it-event” in the year that gets your small-scale business all swamped up. No, we are not talking about meetings with clients or product/service launches. We are talking about the dreaded and unavoidable task that comes year after year and puts all businesses at their wit’s end – “the tax season.”

We can hear quite a lot of sighs here.

Well, we don’t blame you, the stressful tax season gets anyone and everyone on the edge. You need to see through tons of financial statements, verify the filled forms, and make sure you have authenticated documents to back up your tax claims.

We don’t have a “secret” to help you tactfully avoid the taxes and tax season. But our certified accounting professionals have quite a helpful tip to keep the tax filing season less daunting and annoying.

Before the tax filing season approaches the door of your business, make sure all your tax records, financial documents, and accounting solutions are properly in place. Double-check if the QuickBooks accounting software is free of errors that can otherwise cause mayhem during the tax-filing time.

Through this QuickBooks troubleshooting blog post, we will guide our dear readers on how to instantly fix QuickBooks error code 6000 80 without any difficulties. This frequently-encountered error in the QuickBooks software can stop you from performing any action on the company file and accessing your accounting records.

You can imagine the kind of chaos and delay this QuickBooks error can cause during the tax-filing process. So, before the tax filing season approaches, learn how to effectively troubleshoot the QB file backup error 6000 80 through our blog post.

Easiest QuickBooks Troubleshooting Processes To Fix Company File Error 6000 80


METHOD 1 – Put The “File Doctor” Repair Tool In Action To Annihilate Company File Issues

  • Here is the link to automatically save the installation file of the latest-released “QuickBooks Tool Hub” repair program on your system .
  • Once you finish downloading the file, head over to the default “Downloads” folder in your system and launch the installation file of the “Tool Hub” repair program.
  • Perform all the instructions provided on the screen step-by-step and when the Intuit “Terms and Conditions” list pops up on the screen, choose the “Yes” button.
  • Now, head over to the Start menu, open the “File Explorer” feature, and launch the “Tool Hub” repair program on the system or refer to the repair program icon on the Desktop screen to open it.
  • Locate the “Company Files” button from the “Tool Hub” repair program window and launch the “File Doctor” repair tool to diagnose and fix the errors in the company file.

METHOD 2 – Retrieve The Backup Of The QuickBooks Company File From “Local Hard Drive Or Storage”

  • First, relocate the QuickBooks company file to the local hard drive or storage of your system and open it from there.
  • In case your QuickBooks company file is already saved in the local drive hard drive or storage, relocate it to the Desktop and open it from there.
  • To open the QuickBooks company file from the local storage, access the QB accounting software and chose the “File” button.
  • From the “File” menu, locate and choose the “Open/Restore” button to run the company file from the local storage.
  • Tap on the “Restore Backup” button and then select the “Next” option to retrieve the copy of the QB company file.
  • From the “Browse” option, locate the company file from the local storage and choose the “Ok” button to recover the backup on the system.


METHOD 1 – Delete The Errors In The Company File With The Help Of The “File Doctor” Repair Tool

  • On the QuickBooks server computer and workstation, download and launch the “Tool Hub” repair application and choose the “Company File” tab to resolve the error code 6000, 80.
  • Tap on the “File Doctor” repair tool option and select the “Only Company File” button to find and annihilate the errors in the company file.

METHOD 2 – Resolve Network-Related Errors With The Assistance Of the “File Doctor” Repair Tool

  • Follow the steps mentioned above to launch the “File Doctor” repair tool on the server system and workstations.
  • Once the “File Doctor” repair tool window opens on your system, choose the “Network Errors” button to terminate the issues related to the network.

Take The Help Of QuickBooks Professionals To Resolve Desktop Error 6000 80 Instantly!

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