Natural Stone Flooring: A top Quality Flooring In Houston

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If you are considering changing the flooring in your home or business, we want to tell you the reasons why you should choose a natural stone flooring. And it is that the advantages offered by this type of materials are innumerable.

Stone Depot is a company specialized supplier and in working with natural stone for the creation of both pavements, stairs and countertops. Specialists in working with this type of materials, we make a wide variety of products.

Located in the town of Rosenberg, Houston, TX, we have become a benchmark company throughout Houston. Thanks to our great professionalism and our years of experience.

Learn About the Advantages of Natural Stone Flooring

The advantages offered by a natural stone floorings are many and varied, but without a doubt two very important ones should be highlighted.

On the one hand we are faced with its great resistance and durability . And it is that most natural stones provide enormous resistance and survive the passage of time very well. A very important reason when we are talking about the use of a material for a product such as flooring.

The pavements suffer a lot of blows and a lot of damage from use, so we must opt ​​for the most resistant materials for your choice.

And on the other hand we find ourselves in front of its great beauty. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons why people choose to use natural stone is because of its incredible beauty. With a natural pavement, an incomparable beauty is achieved to that which would be achieved with a synthetic material.

Custom Flooring Design In Houston

At Stone Depot USA we design customized flooring for each client. We cut natural stone slabs based on customer needs.

So you can customize the size of the surface to be covered with the pavement. And all this at the best price. And it is that in our company we offer prices for all budgets.

Materials We Work With

For the installation of natural stone-based pavements, we mainly work with 4 types of pavements:

The Marble

Undoubtedly one of the materials preferred by many due to the beauty and majesty it provides. The disadvantage of this type of pavement is its low resistance to exteriors. It is a type of pavement that is very well received indoors, but outdoors it can suffer more damage and lose part of its natural shine.

In our company you can choose marble as interior flooring in various colors. We have a wide range that includes Fantasy Brown, Panda White, Blue Dune or Green Marble.

Colors for all tastes and designs. So that it fits perfectly in the rest of the decoration.

Brown Marble Flooring

The Granite

Granite is another material widely used in the creation of pavements. But in this case both indoors and outdoors. And it is a very resistant material. In ancient times it was already used for numerous construction uses.

We offer a wide range of colors that goes from white to black, through Absolute black, black pearl ,colonial white or steel grey.

The Limestones

Very resistant material for the installation of natural stone pavements both outdoors and indoors. Its range of colors is limited to white ,so its decorative possibilities are more limited.

The Sandstones

Very resistant material that is used both in interior and exterior flooring. Among its shades, the Kandla grey sand color and rainbow, and many more out.

Other Natural Stones

At Stone Depot we also work with other types of natural stones, although they are not normally used in the creation of natural stone paving.

We work with materials such as Marble, Granite and Quartz and more others.

Other Products we Manufacture

In addition to dedicating ourselves to the installation of natural stone-based pavements, we also use natural stone for other uses.

This is the case of creating kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, stairs, walls or tables.

Decide for a Natural Stone Pavement

At Stone Depot we encourage you to choose a natural stone-based flooring. It will offer you the best qualities of resistance and beauty. We wide range offer natural stone slabs available.

Do not hesitate and decide to contact us and request a budget without any commitment. You will be surprised at its incredible price.