No Limits’ To Cooperation With UAE: Italian PM

Having visited Abu Dhabi for the first time since I became Prime Minister of Italy, I am especially pleased. As part of my government’s effort to tackle the challenges of the 21st century, we are committed to investing in the broader Mena region and cooperation closely with the Gulf states. We must address some changes that had already been happening before the war rapidly in order to overcome the complex challenges that lie ahead following the Russian war against Ukraine.

Our Energy Dependence On Russia Was Excessive:

Especially with regard to Russia, we were faced with an excessive energy dependence. With more than 40% of its natural gas coming from Russia, Italy was particularly vulnerable to the effects of this situation at the beginning of the war. The share of Russian gas imported from our country has now dropped to less than 20% due to our intensive energy diplomacy. The Algerian gas industry is our top gas supplier, as we have been able to diversify our energy sources. We are increasing our natural gas supply, especially from North Africa, to facilitate mutual and sustainable growth with our partners.

As A Result,

I am especially pleased with the Memorandum of Understanding between ENI and Adnoc on Energy Transition Initiatives that was signed during my visit, which focuses on reducing gas emissions through the development of green and blue hydrogen and CO2 capture and storage technologies. As the international community prepares for Cop28 which will take place at the end of the year in Dubai, we look forward to addressing the complex and urgent challenge of climate change.

During Cop27 in Sharm El Sheikh,

A consensus was reached on the importance of working together to determine the best mechanisms for supporting the most vulnerable countries during extreme weather events. This is an important testament to the UAE’s commitment to developing sustainable energy for the future by hosting the UN agency Irena, dedicated to renewable energy. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, our value chains have also had to be rethought through the digital transition. We need to integrate issues such as the impact of artificial intelligence on the moral values of our societies into domestic and international policies in a world that is moving faster every day so that we can reap the benefits of advanced computing while protecting our societies against new risks. To protect our societies, we must develop a cyber-defence architecture based on the experience of the war in Ukraine. To protect our societies, we must develop a cyber-defence architecture based on the experience of the war in Ukraine.

Just A Few Days After Visiting New Delhi,

I visited your beautiful country. The UAE and India are among the nations which Italy needs to strengthen its partnerships with throughout the Euro-Mediterranean region and the Indo-Pacific. Together, we want to protect our identities and values while benefiting our citizens. The declaration of a strategic partnership will facilitate more effective collaboration on many topics of mutual interest.

President Sheikh Mohamed opened his doors to me and my delegation during my visit with the aim of strengthening our ties. The history of our bilateral relations is about to be written together.

In A Press Briefing Attended By Arab News On Saturday,

Italy’s prime minister said there is “no limit to what we can accomplish together with the UAE.” The cooperation between our two countries can and will be strengthened,” said Giorgia Meloni, who met UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi. As a result of all the meetings she had in Abu Dhabi, she said they were more successful than she had expected.

Antonio Tajani,

Italian Foreign Minister, and Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, were among the Italian delegation members. Discussed among the main topics were the sustainability of the energy system and the environment, sustainable economic growth, Libyan stability, Tunisian social unrest, and the Ukrainian war. Meloni believes that the UAE can play a huge diplomatic role on these issues, according to a source in the Italian prime minister’s office. A strategic partnership agreement was signed between Tajani and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan of the UAE. The UAE will host this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, and Tajani and Emirati Minister of Industry Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, who is serving as the conference’s president-designate, signed a declaration on enhanced cooperation.

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