Jane continuously and obsessively reviews all products, continuously perfects the image quality, continuously tweak layouts and typography. Image quality is constantly being refined and enriched. That is excellent news for you — the customer. If you purchase an item and it arrives with a flaw — let us know — so Jane can have it replaced.

Currently — the store features high quality items. In the near future — this store will offer hand-painted and hand-made couture clothing. Along with elevating your style with the unique fashion and home decor items in this store, contact Jane to purchase an original painting or drawing for your art collection.

Jane Rubin is a Multidisciplinary Artist from a Multicultural Background.

In childhood — Jane Rubin was an advanced ballet dancer, pianist, and painter. Her father was a talented clarinetist. Her maternal grandmother was a talented painter. There are professional musicians and a famous composer on her mother’s side of the family — and there is athletic talent on both sides of the family.

Somehow — Jane got stuck with all the family talents at birth — Dance, Painting, and Music. However — Jane did not grow up wealthy — and she did not grow up in a big city. Jane grew up in York, Pennsylvania, a small Southern Pennsylvania town, where she attended rough public schools. At the same time — while Jane’s family was not wealthy — it was a priority for her open-minded parents to immerse their children in multi-cultural settings.

Jane grew up with an extended family that was both Jewish and Gentile, Caucasian and African American. Although she grew up in a small town, Jane’s family made it a top priority to constantly exposed her to multi-cultural art, music, and dance. Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Indian Dance; Motown, Jazz, Classical and Folk Music, and later, Hard Rock. Post-Impressionist and Modernist Painting and Sculpture, Pre-Columbian Art, Early American, Pennsylvania German Portrait Paintings, Furniture, and Quilts………

All of these cultures and art forms surrounded and inspired Jane in her childhood and teens and formed her artistic identity. For example, Champion is early symbolic self-portrait, a large oil painting on canvas that represents feminine power — and it contains aesthetic elements of American Folk Art, Indian and Persian Miniature Painting, and the Central American textiles and objects that Jane’s artist-grandmother placed in their home in Jane’s childhood.

Formal Training, Exhibitions, Publications, and Performances

Jane began her formal visual art training in her teens, at Carnegie Mellon. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University, where she majored in Visual Art and graduated with honors. Jane received her Master of Fine Arts Degree at California Institute of the Arts. Jane then became one of the top choices of the highly competitive Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program in New York City, where she exhibited large-than-life figurative paintings.

Jane’s paintings, drawing, and multimedia installations have been exhibited, published, and collected since her early 20s. She has given live performances in New York City and in Los Angeles since her 20s. Jane has also taught at the college level. At School of Visual Arts in Manhattan Jane taught “Media Communications,” a multi-media visual art and design course. When she was completing her Masters Degree at CalArts, Jane was the recipient of three graduate teaching awards, in painting, drawing, and color theory.

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