I’ll Be Living in These Reformation Shoes This Spring

Most Comfortable Shoes


I’ve been meaning to write about the Reformation shoes for a while now, but the wait is over. They’re finally available at REFORMED shops across the country and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. First off, let me just say that these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. You might as well be wearing slippers with these shoes; they have no heels and are just so comfortable! The straps don’t dig into your Achilles tendon like some other brands do either – which is great news since we all know how much it’s painful when your heels start throbbing after walking around too long in heels!

3/3: This shoe is super cute but not ideal for running or working out in general because the toe box is pretty tight (you may be able to wear socks with these). And if you have wide feet like me (who doesn’t??), then this will be an issue for sure. 4/3: These are very stylish and feminine looking but also very comfortable–again something that makes them great for work environments where comfort matters more than style points.

I hardly ever go more than a few days without donning something from Reformation, whether it’s one of their elegant dresses or charming shirts. And while I was initially drawn to the sustainable brand’s clothing, I’ve grown to appreciate their shoes as well. I leaped at the chance to review some of their newest spring shoes when they contacted me, and I couldn’t wait until this post went live to start wearing them. Below are my current top four picks as well as a few additional pairs I’ve been considering.

I Love Reformation Shoes

I love Reformation shoes. They’re cute and summery, and they’re very comfortable.

I have a few pairs already, but I recently tried on some new ones that are perfect for springtime and they make it even easier to add color to your wardrobe this season!

Most Comfortable Shoes

I Tried on a few Pairs of Shoes, but Everything fit me Well

The shoes are comfortable and cute, too! They’re also affordable, which is great for springtime in New York City. I’ll be living in these Reformation shoes this spring: they’re the perfect balance between classic and modern that you can wear all day long without getting tired or bored of them (and if you do get bored with them, it will probably be because your dog has chewed up one side).

I Recently Tried on Five New Spring Styles

I recently tried on five new spring styles. They were the block heels, the white block heels, the orange block heels, the nude block heel, and a flat. I tried them all on in a size 7.5 shoe (since these are styled for someone with wide feet).

The reason why I’m sharing my experience with you is that I wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences with this brand or any other brands that they would recommend as well!

This Style is Similar to the other Block-heels

This style is similar to the other block heels I have from Reformation. It also comes in a nude color, but this one is 4 inches high instead of 3. The heel itself is made of vegan leather and has non-slip rubber soles for better traction. The shoe was made in China and retails for $70 at Nordstrom Rack (but on sale for $40).

Nude Shoes

To wear nude shoes, you can either go for the classic taupe or black. If you’re feeling adventurous, try wearing them with a contrasting color like yellow or lavender. Or just let your personality shine through!

Nude boots are another great option for springtime fashion: they’ll look great with dresses and skirts that have some oomph but aren’t too busy.

If you’re more of a neutral person (and we get it), there’s no reason why these shoes can’t be part of your wardrobe this spring they’re easily breezy and always appropriate! I immediately changed out of my sweats and into a lovely attire when these sandals arrived on a Saturday afternoon so they could have their due. They not only have a very upscale appearance, but they are also the ideal height to offer you a little boost while yet being very comfortable. These will go with almost every dress I own, and I’m currently debating getting the Pepper color as well. Although I frequently dress in neutral hues, I never want them to appear drab or dull, which is why bright, vibrant accessories are essential.

Most Comfortable Shoes

The White Style would look Amazing with Shorts or Dresses

The white pair would look amazing with shorts or dresses, while the orange pair would stand out with white jeans.

The Reformation shoes are comfortable and stylish. They’re also good quality, affordable and vegan (as long as you don’t mind wearing leather in your shoes). But what sets these shoes apart is their eco-friendly credentials: they were made in America by people who care about the environment and they want us to know it!

Reformation Shoes are Comfortable too

Reformation shoes are also very cute and comfortable. They’re made of eco-friendly materials and have a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect pair for you.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more casual than your traditional heels, then Reformation has got your back! Their sandals are super cute and come in so many different colors that it’s hard not to find one that fits your personality perfectly.


As you can see, these shoes are a great choice for those looking for comfortable but stylish shoes. They come in sizes 4-11 and are made from soft leather with a double sole design that will keep their wearer comfortable all day long. And if you’re not happy with the fit of your Reformation Shoes, they offer free returns and exchanges so there’s no risk!