Spurs Are the Only Club I Have No Connection With

The Spurs have long been one of the top teams in the NBA. Over their history they have won numerous championships and remain popular within San Antonio.

Mourinho led Tottenham for one and a half seasons before being dismissed by chairman Daniel Levy shortly before the Carabao Cup final, without winning any silverware during this period.

Why I left

Last summer, Harry Kane began setting the wheels in motion for his move to Manchester City. He believed he had reached an arrangement with chairman Daniel Levy that he could leave in the summer – something which Levy later denied.

North London club Spurs remain in pursuit of a top-four finish and Champions League qualification, which would be devastating should they fall short. Should that occur, however, it’s imperative that Spurs find a suitable new manager capable of producing results quickly.

Cristian Stellini has taken charge of the team during Conte’s surgery-enforced absence, with Ryan Mason as his deputy manager. Luis Enrique and Julian Nagelsmann are being considered potential successors; however, any misstep could prove costly for a club that hasn’t won anything since 2008. While that might sound harsh against fan favourite Mauricio Pochettino who’s come under considerable pressure over recent months he should be given every chance to prove his worth and show what’s in him.

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What I learned

Levy rarely engages with the media, so his Q&A with Cambridge students was a welcome opportunity for frustrated fans to gain some perspective on decisions which have caused frustration. Unfortunately, Levy’s silence can also irk many followers who see their own interpretation of events spread across headlines instead of what actually occurred.

Levy suggested the sporting director model would enable continuity regardless of who is leading on the pitch and also supported UEFA’s new rules to help even out competition between managers.

Spurs fans have long expressed concerns that club regulations could have an adverse impact on transfer activity; as this month has gone without any new signings and with Dele Alli, Tanguy Ndombele and Giovanni Lo Celso being heavily linked with exits rumoured. As for whether Levy will enforce or ignore those rules is unknown – however he trusts in them being fair in application.

How I felt

Casual racism was an all too familiar sight at White Hart Lane during the 1970s. Songs like “Does your rabbi know you’re here?”, Hitler Gassing the Jews and Hitler is going to Gas Them All were frequent songs at White Hart Lane terraces – yet there was always an acceptance of Spurs’ Jewish ownership and identity as club for many fans.

Mourinho was hired by Tottenham for 17 months, ultimately leaving just before the Carabao Cup final in April 2021 when Daniel Levy fired him ruthlessly despite only needing one win to clinch it. According to Mourinho, this lack of connection between himself and Tottenham may have something to do with Covid being blocked and Levy firing him so suddenly, however.

Arguments against Spurs fans who use the word Yid are incoherent; they require denying decades of abuse, assuming rival fans have every right to use such language, and suggesting that Tottenham are somehow responsible for encouraging supporters of rival teams to use such terms against Spurs fans.

What I think

In the first half, black balloons with “Levy Out” written across them floated through White Hart Lane while supporters sang for Levy to remain. At the conclusion of the match they sang him a farewell song instead.

Jose Mourinho made clear his criticism was directed at chairman Daniel Levy, who was dismissed just one week before the EFL Cup final after 17 months at the club and failing to win any trophies.

Mourinho has enjoyed an extensive managerial career across England, Portugal, Italy and Spain – including stints at Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea – but says Tottenham is the one club with whom he does not feel an affinity. Today he oversees Roma who face Sevilla in the Europa League final on Thursday as well as competing against Arsenal in North London Derby on Sunday. Established as Hotspur FC back in 1882 as Hotspur Football Club they became the first non-League club ever to win FA Cup as well as being only British team to have ever reached European final. Also notable for deep rivalry with Arsenal they sport an emblem featuring cockerels sitting atop ten-foot bronze cast of cockerels perched atop ten-foot bronze cast of cockerels perched atop ball which represents them strongly!

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