The launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was a milestone in space exploration

Yesterday was another launch of the Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX, the company founded by Ilon Musk. This flight was a milestone because for the first time the same first stage of the rocket was used for the fifth time. Previously, it was believed that the nominal resource of Falcon 9 allows you to make only 10 launches. However, in practice it turned out that after five flights, the resources of the rocket are close to exhaustion.

During yesterday’s launch, one of the nine engines of the first stage failed. When landing on a floating platform in the ocean, the stage was lost. Despite these failures, the mission was successful – 60 satellites Starlink put into orbit. Now their total number in the constellation has reached 360.

This flight once again demonstrated the reusable capabilities of the Falcon 9. I decided to summarize some results of the reusability program for 10 years of SpaceX flights, Pro-gadgets starting with the first Falcon 9 test launch on June 4, 2010. For the analysis I used data from Wikipedia, a fairly reliable source in most cases.

The results are as follows: A total of 83 Falcon 9 launches took place 54 launch vehicles were involved 12 first stages survived after landing on the ground or platform 5-fold launch was conducted 1 time, 4-fold – 3 times, 3-fold – 2 times, 2-fold – 13 times, 1-fold – 36 times The flights involved modifications Falcon 9 v1.0, Falcon 9 v1.1 and Falcon 9 Full Thrust, including the final version of Block 5. During this time, there was 1 explosion at launch and 1 explosion in flight.

Ilon Musk indicated on his Twitter that the reused rockets will only launch Starlink’s own satellites. Dragon manned spacecraft to the ISS will fly only on new rockets.

As previously reported, SpaceX is valued at $36 billion, the Starlink project – $10 billion, potential annual revenue – up to $ 30 billion. At a recent conference, Ilon Musk called the current revenue of the company – about $ 3 billion.

Reusable rockets are an important step in reducing the cost of space exploration. Successful launches of Falcon 9 bring mankind closer to a new era of space travel.