Reasons Why Line Marking Plays a Crucial Role in Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan

Public places are always abuzz with a lot of traffic; Roads, parks, airports, metro stations, warehouses, industries, construction sites, etc. Besides that, these places are also filled with different means of transport, big machinery, raw materials, equipment, appliances etc. 

Hence there are a lot of chances of accidents, or sort of mishappenings that can happen in or around such areas.  So it becomes a prerequisite to take extra precautionary measures to prevent any such problems. That’s where Line Markings come in.

Line Marking is the major precautionary step taken at these public places to maintain the traffic and guide people in the proper direction.

What are Line Markings?

They are non-verbal forms of communication on roads, pavements, other floors etc and tell us where we are supposed to walk, cross the street, different lanes for large & small vehicles and so on. In other words, they guide us through our way in public places.

Line  Markings are used all over the world. They act as signs as signals for people in public areas. They may be created using paint or spray or by directly putting tape on the road where they are to be made. Different types of Line  Markings are created using different modes. Which mode is to be used to create Line Markings depends on the type of the project and its durability.

For example, Line Markings created roads are different from that created in a warehouse or on a construction site.

Places Where Line Markings Manage Traffic

You might have seen Line marking at a lot of places in the city while walking, driving, travelling etc but hardly might have paid attention to the role that they play on a daily basis. Here is a list of places where Line Markings play a crucial role:

  • Roads: This is a place we all have access to including kids and senior citizens. Besides there are small cycles to big trucks moving on the same road which makes it sound as dangerous as it is. There is hardly any day that we do not go out on the roads be it a working day or a holiday.

And that is not all. Besides the fear of accidents and mishappenings involved, there are chances of chaos with big cars piling on one side of the road with no one to manage the running crowd of people and vehicles.

Hence it is important that a proper traffic management plan is devised for roads to avoid chaos on a daily basis. Line Markings exactly meet these requirements. They define lanes for different vehicles and pavements for people walking on the road.

  • Parking: After the road, comes the parking areas. We have parking areas near museums, theatres, amusement parks, shopping malls, sports complexes, gardens etc. 

Different types of cars are parked at different levels. Besides there are two-wheelers, vans, lorries and sometimes even trucks that bring in material to these places. Also, it is to be ensured that any of the cars or a  vehicle can easily leave the premises without disturbing other hundreds of vehicles that are parked in the same parking. 

Making Car Parking Bays and movement lanes using Line Marking is a part of the Traffic Management plan in these parking areas.

  •  Airports: Just like roads, airports require proper management of traffic. You might have seen so many aeroplanes waiting to take off from the  same airport. They are standing in different lanes while passengers board them, then they take different paths but while taking off take the same runway.

It is the Line markings that are universally used all over the world that guide the pilots on their path while landing and taking off from any airport in any country. Be it day or night, they act as the guiding signal for these planes taking them towards the right lanes before they come to a halt at the airport.

  • Factory or Warehouse: The Role of Line Markings becomes very critical in places like warehouses, factories or industries. These places have areas where raw materials and heavy machinery are stored & operated. The raw material sometimes contains dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the human body and atmosphere.

It has to be made sure that people wearing all the necessary protective equipment layers handle these raw materials and machinery that too at an allotted time. 

Here Line Markings play an important role in Workplace Traffic Management plans. They define where and on which path the materials and machinery are to be moved within the industry or warehouse premises. 

These markings ensure that there are not too many people crowded at any of the accident-prone or dangerous parts of the warehouse. Because of these marking the machinery and dangerous raw materials can be shifted easily from one place to another. 

This not only avoids accidents but also ensures safety and confidence in the minds of workers thus increasing their productivity.

  • Playgrounds: Line  Markings play an important role in the ground designed for different types of sports be it basketball or hockey, tennis, baseball etc. They define clear areas for playing, goals, fouls, etc.

These demarcations not only benefit the players but also the umpires in decisions making and spectators in understanding the game. It avoids and chaos helps define rules.

Line Marking in School Playgrounds makes them useful for several purposes.


Line Markings provide excellent solutions for managing traffic in public areas.  They are guidelines when we go out of our homes in public spaces.

Workplace Traffic Management is an important concern for many factory, industry and warehouse owners. They have to ensure their employees’ safety without affecting their productivity. Line Markings define clear working areas in such types of premises making them chaos-free and accident-free.

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