Useful tips on how to maintain a water well pump

waterwell pumps

Waterwell pumpsare mandatory if you draw your water from a well. However, after installing your pumps, it is very easy to forget about them. But it is very important to maintain your pumps and the rest of the pumping system. Prevention is cheaper than repair and that is why we bring you some of the best tips on how to maintain your water well pump.

Clean the cooling fans

When operating a pump, overheating is a common and serious problem that should be taken care of. If the motor cooling fans of your pump are not kept clean, it can contribute to huge damage to your pump. It is important to clean out any debris such as cobwebs or dry leaves that get caught up there. When your pump overheats, it can damage your pump beyond repair. You should therefore ensure you are cleaning your pump regularly to keep it functioning efficiently and extend its lifetime.

Make use of anti-corrosion products

It is cheap to buy effective anti-corrosion products. They keep your pump functioning effectively. This is an important part of maintaining your pump effectively because corrosion can affect the operation of your pump.

Check whether there are any drips

If you are noticing water dripping from either the pump or any other parts of the pumping system, there could be a big problem that requires the attention of a water solutions company. It might be a case of tightening up things but you may have to replace some parts from time to time. Professionals can advise you on the cause of action and solutions to different problems if you do not have enough time to figure everything out.

Inspect with your eyes

Storm water can cause heavy damage to your equipment and building, including your pump and pumping system. After a storm or a similar event, it is crucial to go outside and inspect your pump for any visible damage. If there are visible indents or cracks, it is a perfect idea to check them out. Even if everything else looks fine, if you saw the pump being stuck by a branch during the storm, it could be a perfect idea to get the pump seen and repaired by a professional technician.

Service your pump

It is a good idea to have a professional inspect and service your pump every three to four years to ensure it is functioning properly. A good well pump should last for over ten years but most pumps will only reach that age with proper care and maintenance. You do not want to waste a lot of money replacing a pump before the right time. Regular servicing can save you a lot of money.

Maintaining your pump with professional assistance

You will need professional help to maintain your waterwell pumps. Make sure you work with the right professional that has experience in maintaining pumps such as yours. Sometimes, pumps need to be replaced. A professional will arrange everything you need for a pump replacement.