Why Are Merino Wool Socks the Best Running and Hiking Socks?

merino wool socks

Merino wool is one of the most amazing natural fibers used to make socks. In the article below, you will know why you are going to love merino wool socks.

Merino wool composes extremely soft, comfortable and itch-free socks in comparison to all other socks materials. Besides that, it possesses a long list of several natural properties that truly make merino socks stand out of the crowd.

Merino Wool Socks – Best for Running and Hiking

A)    Warm and Cool Simultaneously

Undoubtedly, merino wool is excellent for regulating human body temperature while hanging out, running, or hiking. Merino wool best adapts and regulated the temperature according to the surrounding environment.

1.     Keeping Warm

The fibers of merino wool are crimped amazingly to create more and more pockets of air in them. And then that trapped inside air naturally insulates the feet against the outside cold. Ultimately, making you feel warmer compared to other socks, even when wet.

2.     Cool Feeling

Merino wool socks tend to absorb and evaporate moisture when you heat up from exertion or the weather is warm. That moisture evaporation typically creates a cooling effect on your feet.

B)    Moisture Management Features of Merino Socks

Merino wool has a wonderful feature of moisture management. In fact, socks made of merino wool are so efficient at moisture regulation that they can effectively absorb almost a third of their moisture weight, before making your feet feel damp.

1.     Breathable

Breathability is undoubtedly one of the most essential requirements of socks; Merino wool is the most breathable socks material. Breathability allows feet’ sweat to escape while keeping your feet dry and blister-free.

2.     Wicking

Merino wool mechanically wicks moisture away from the skin with capillary action. Resultantly, that keeps your merino socks drier and protects feet from irritation and blisters.  

3.     Water repellent

Merino wool naturally tends to have a wax-like inner coating. That coating helps repel water and moisture without making you feel wet.

4.     Quick drying

The breathability and moisture-wicking feature of merino wool socks let your feet dry quickly after sweating. That is especially an amazing thing while you run or hike.

C)    Anti-Microbial and Odor-Resistant Naturally

Special thanks to the incredible moisture absorption characteristic of merino socks. This feature makes them naturally resistant to bacterial growth and their bad smell.

1.     Hypoallergenic Feature

Merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it does not provide an appealing environment for dust mites. This feature is especially great for asthma and allergy sufferers.

2.     Fresh feet

The growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi is naturally inhibited by merino wool as it prevents damp environmental conditions. This typically makes merino wool socks an extraordinary choice for backpacking.

D)   Itch-Free Comfort

The itchy feeling and texture wool of most traditional wool types are largely due to greater fiber diameter. However, merino wool has comparatively small diameter fiber. That is why socks made of merino wool are flexible, soft and itch-free.

E)    Highly Durable

In general, merino sheep significantly rely on their wool for their protection from everything dangerous. That is why, merino wool is exceptionally resilient, durable and hard-wearing. Moreover, the fibers of merino wool socks are stretchy and strong enough making them last for a longer time.

1.     UV Protection

Merino wool protects our feet from the Sun rays and their damage more than cotton or synthetic fibers socks. That is why socks made of merino wool are typically the best ones for running, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

2.     Fire-Resistant

One natural and amazing feature of merino wool is that it is flame reluctant. When it is exposed to open flame, it self-extinguishes or smolders rather than burning into flames and becoming ash like cotton or synthetic fibers. That usually makes merino socks the most reliable choice for camping activities.

3.     Static Resistant

The fibers of merino wool naturally retain some moisture content in them. This makes them resist static buildup and static electricity. Thus, socks made of merino wool are great for avoiding static currents too.

4.     Stain Resistant

As mentioned already, there is a thin waxy coating inside the merino wool that makes them water repellent. That waxy later also makes them stain resistant to some extent. Thus, spilt liquids of stains better wash off from such socks before having a chance to get absorbed.

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