Why it is good to accompany strength training with yoga

Avalon yoga

Have you ever thought of combining Avalon yoga and strength training? Strength training and yoga have a lot of benefits when done together. Combining the flexibility and stress relief that yoga offers with the muscle-building features that strength training offers, you will get a balanced exercise that affects your body, mind and soul.

The top benefits of yoga

I like being able to lean into the quiet yoga movements and slow down everything. Yoga has been known to provide inner peace, stress relief and improved emotional health. It is a total mind-body workout that has been shown in different studies to reduce anxiety and stress.

The controlled breathing in yoga helps control your body and rest your mind. In addition, a lot of yoga sessions focus on relaxation and meditation, which helps you practice proper mindfulness and get in the moment.

The benefits of yoga are not in your head because yoga has a powerful impact on your level of physical fitness. From flexibility and better balance to a high range of motion, yoga can loosen up your body and help you tone and build your muscles.

If you have tied yoga for the first time, you will remember that the first session was painful. A lot of beginners cannot touch their toes or even hold poses without wobbling and resetting over. That is very normal. Over time, regular sessions in a yoga studio will relieve pains and aches and your tight muscles will loosen up and your balance will start improving along with your range of motion.

When you practice yoga, you protect your cartilage, spine and joints. Yoga improves your bone health and posture, boosts your immunity and increases blood flow. Practising yoga regularly increases the drainage of lymph. This helps your lymphatic system to effectively fight infections.

We cannot mention all the benefits of yoga because they go on forever but some people point out the shortcomings of sticking to yoga classes. Remember that it is about balancing your workout routine. Strength training shines where yoga may be lacking.

The benefits of strength training

Strength training enhances your muscle mass. However, strength training benefits do not stop there. Strength training regularly stresses your bones and this means increasing your bone density, helping you fight off conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. If you are looking to manage your weight, strength training can be ideal. It increases metabolism, which helps you burn a lot of calories throughout the day.

Strength training has the ability to enhance your quality of life. It builds muscles and this makes it easier to do everyday tasks. For example, your risk of falling will be significantly reduced. When you age, you will start losing your lean muscle mass. Studies show that strength training counteracts that.

Yoga and strength training complement each other

Strength training and Avalon yoga are like jelly and peanut butter. They complement each other because where one lacks, the other one stands out. Yoga has a total mind-body effect that strengthens and builds the longer you practice. Strength training fills your life with vitality.