You’re a great team player

Get free entry to a music, food or arts festival, soak up the atmosphere and get paid at the same time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This summer, there will be more and more festivals taking place up and down the country – and each one needs hard-working, motivated events staff to help it run smoothly.

A summer job in the events sector is a great way to keep earning money, as well as stocking your CV with the right employer-friendly skills and experience that will stand you in good stead when you apply for other jobs.

What’s more, if you hope to work in events yourself these type of roles can give a bumper head-start to a brilliant future career.

Besides being able to soak up the atmosphere while you work hard, there are more reasons to apply for temporary work at festivals. Want to know four things potential employers think upon seeing event experience on your CV? Let’s find out…

1. You’re a hard worker 

The events sector requires stamina. Shifts can be long, and outdoor conditions can get tough especially if it rains (as it tends to do often during the British summer). Event experience shows you’re not scared to get your hands dirty to get the job done – and stay on to clear up after everyone’s had their fun and has gone home again.

2. You’re a good communicator

Nothing shows off your people skills like a successful stint manning a festivaljob, or making sure attendees navigate the ticketing area with minimum fuss and hassle. Being able to state on your CV that you have experience helping the general public is a definite plus point in all kinds of future roles.

3. You can work under pressure 

Festivals can be fun but intense places to work. Tricky situations and awkward (for that, read tired and emotional!) customers can make them a busy, demanding environment.

As with all roles in the hospitality sector, staying friendly and competent even when you’re faced with troublesome clients is a great skill you should make the most of on your CV.

4. You’re self-disciplined

Although working at a summer event may sound like a dream job, it’s harder than it sounds. Take the people who’ve bought tickets to attend, for example. If you can keep your head while everyone else is having the time of their life, it shows you have self-discipline – and employers will see this as an asset.

5. You’re a great team player

Staging a successful festival is all about team work. Every single role, from litter picker to stage manager, is a cog in a giant machine – and being a team player is vital. Having proven experience in an area where it’s all about working with others can only boost your CV.